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Dr. Nancy Musarra is a licensed clinical psychologist, author, speaker and KCNA2 mother, who is an amazing supporter of other parents of children with special needs. Nancy is our private Facebook group administrator and is passionate about KCNA2 research and awareness

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The New Normal: 7 Things to Know as You Care for & Love a Child with Special Needs by KCNA2 Parent Dr Nancy Musarra

Beauty in the Unexpected: Our Life Abroad as Parents of a Child with Special Needs by KCNA2 Parent Brian Horneck

To our Beautiful Rare Child by KCNA2 Parent Renee Swannack

Dominant KCNA2 mutation causes episodic ataxia and pharmacoresponsive epilepsy

Clinical spectrum and genotype–phenotype associations of KCNA2-related encephalopathies